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Fairyland Merge & Magic


About Fairyland Merge & Magic

Welcome to the wonderland, where pieces of the puzzle are fused together to create something amazing. Are you ready to enter a dream world with amazing characters?

Your quest in Fairyland Merge & Magic

Enter the dream world of Fairyland Merge & Magic, you can unlock new lands, new items, new crops, and interesting products that can also appear when you merge items together. Enter the magical world in this game, you will be able to create new and powerful plants. To create new plants, you must merge existing plants in your garden. Remember, you can only merge trees that are the same, and there must be 3 or more trees to merge them. After merging enough, you will get gems or coins. If you've ever played Garden Tales 2, you'll find these two games a bit similar. However, if in Garden Tales 2 you merge garden items together to make them disappear, in Fairyland Merge & Magic you will merge items together to create an interesting new item. than.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

The features

This is an interesting game with the appearance of magical characters, from the beginning you can create an injection girl by combining items in the garden. In addition, Fairyland Merge & Magic gives players an interesting feeling when it includes attractive magical elements. You can use the garden tree to produce fruit that you can exchange for keys. You also get magic points that you can use to cast spells, and create items, and recipes. You can even unlock fairy characters, create incredible buildings, or can cast a true magic spell. Keys are required to remove fog and unlock squares for item production, so make sure you keep selling your harvest whenever the opportunity arises!