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About EvoWars.io

EvoWars.io is a game that you need to battle other players to evolve your warrior. Each evolution improves your weapon range but slows your movement.

Traverse the online arena gathering orbs to level up your fighter. Use swords, axes, and other weapons to defeat your opponents. Continue fighting until you are killed by the opponent. See how far you can get before your day of reckoning arrives!


  • To remove opponents, use intense slashing gameplay.
  • You may level up to expand your size and develop into one of more than 15 different character models.
  • Define your own play style and make the most of every chance.
  • Sprint speed at the expense of experience points


  • When you are a low level, concentrate on gathering orbs around the map's perimeter.
  • As you grow in size, your weapon range expands, but you also get slower, so stay cautious and vigilant!
  • While you're tiny, you can move faster, take advantage of this and play more evasively when you're a beginner.

How to Controls

  • Move your mouse to control the movement of the character.
  • To attack, use the left mouse button.
  • Sprint by right-clicking.