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About EvoBlade.io

EvoBlade.io is a competitive survival game, you need to destroy other players to survive and win at the end. Enhance your skills and engage in fierce battles! As you rack up victories, you'll earn valuable experience points that can unlock prestigious medals like Bronze II, Silver I, Gold I, and more. Each medal comes with its unique knife, offering a fresh level of customization and style. Don't forget to complete daily missions to earn coins. These missions can range from reaching a certain rank to playing with friends and merging knives multiple times.

EvoBlade.io revolves around two main actions

Merge Knives

To wield the most formidable arsenal, you must combine lower-level knives. When two identical knives merge, they evolve into a new knife with a higher level. Higher-level knives confer significant advantages to players. For instance, while level 1 knives generate a modest 15 coins per second, level 3 knives can generate a whopping 65 coins per second.

Engage in Battles

Click the play button to jump into intense battles. Step onto the playground alongside formidable opponents. Strengthen your arsenal by collecting objects scattered on the ground. It's wise to initiate attacks against opponents with fewer knives than you possess. However, exercise caution and swiftly retreat when confronted by a more powerful adversary.