The description of Endless Siege

Endless Siege is a game that will test your strategic thinking and hone your skills. Are you ready to resist the relentless siege of the Orcs and win? As the leader, it's up to you to rally your army and defeat them. Prepare yourself for intense battles, as the orcs will launch wave after wave in an attempt to breach your defenses. Strategically deploy your troops to maximize their effectiveness and eliminate as many enemies as possible. Beware, as the orcs will grow stronger and faster with each passing level, requiring you to upgrade and enhance your army.

Strategize turret placement

Strategically position your turrets to ensure maximum effectiveness. With four different types of turrets available, each with its own price, choose wisely. While the priciest turrets may not deal direct damage, they can slow down enemy movement. For crucial areas, consider placing the most powerful turrets. Additionally, supplement damaged turrets with supportive ones. Remember, once placed, turrets cannot be moved, so think carefully before making your choices. Prepare for increasingly strong and fast orcs. Level 1 weapons won't be sufficient against the mightiest monsters. Utilize the coins earned from defeating orcs to upgrade your turrets. Enhancing their capabilities is crucial for fending off the relentless orc invasion. Fail to repel the onslaught, and your base will be compromised. Vanquish every invader and safeguard your base from harm!