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About the game Duckpark.io

Duckpark.io is a water slide racing simulator with fast speeds, insane leaps, and the cutest racers in the universe, featuring rubber duckies you'll ever play.

The aim of this game, which is situated in a magnificent bathroom, is to cross the finish line of a huge (relatively speaking) track hung in midair that goes to the bathtub. However, this game is everything but soothing. Your goal is to maneuver the track's curves and bends while avoiding floor tiles and occasionally flying off to a lower level.

How to play

Join a game

Click "Solo" to enter the next game right away. Racing in DuckPark io is straightforward because turns are not required. Strafe left to right to obtain boosts and push other ducks off the course as you advance and gain points.

Get the advantage

Additionally, DuckPark.io has the capacity to go off course and gain a sizable advantage. That is if you can actually pull it off. If you touch the ground, the game is ended, and your duck will shake its head angrily. Another way to fly off the edge is to use the boosters that are placed around the track.

Upgrade your duck

After finishing a few games, you'll receive gold that you may use to improve the appearance of your duck.


  • Left or A arrow key Equals left-handed steering
  • Right-hand arrow or D will cause you to turn right