Play the Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 is a crazy racing game. You will be trained in 4 skills: running, swimming, flying, and climbing to enter a duck quadrathlon.

You need to train all 4 skills before participating in the race. If you join the race before training your duck will lose because of lack of energy. You will be the winner when you cross the finish line first and that's also a must to unlock a new level.

Play Duck life 2 with 5 levels

  • There are 5 countries and territories corresponding to 5 levels to explore: Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan.
  • An important factor in winning the race is coins. You can earn coins through training, and you can use that coins to buy food and boost energy for the duck, that's the key to winning the race.
  • Download the game and become the winning duck.
  • Published in May 2011
  • Developer: Wix game

Features of Duck Life 2

  • Train the duck skills
  • Intriguing Races
  • Earn coins

The appearance of a new skill

In addition to 3 skills of running, swimming, and flying that was trained in Duck Life, Duck Life 2 appeared with a new skill. It's climbing. Not moving up and down on the ground, sky, or underwater like the previous three skills, this is an interesting skill and has a completely different way of moving. You will experience the feeling of hanging between two sides of a slope and moving right and left between the two sides to earn money and avoid obstacles. But no matter what skill you are performing, you must be careful because you do not know when obstacles will appear.

How to control

  • Running control: use the up arrow to jump
  • Swimming control: use the up arrow to jump and the down arrow to dive
  • Flying control: use the up arrow to fly
  • Climbing control: use left and right arrows to change the climbing side