Drift F1 is a game about drift cars based on the F1 track. You can control your car to let it drift around difficult corners and top the leaderboard.

Get ready to show off your driving abilities at Formula One races! Get in your automobile and race as fast as you can to the finish. Take into account that the time it takes you to cross the finish line directly affects your score. If you want to earn the maximum possible score, you should work to complete the course as quickly as possible. The track is fairly bumpy, so go with caution. The racecourse also features numerous sharp turns, which can be difficult to navigate. You can get through them by timing your clicks or left-click-and-holds so that you float past them. Don't let yourself get thrown off the track by not trying to master your drifts.

Eight awesome vehicles are at your disposal in this game. There is an SUV, a pickup truck, a sedan, a fire truck, an ice cream truck, an ambulance, and a police car. There is initially only a sedan to choose from. Some are unlocked and offered for sale at little cost, while others are locked and sold at higher costs. The cost of a police car is 300 coins, while a blue SUV will set you back at 350. You'll need to part with 400 coins for the privilege of obtaining an ice cream fire truck. A fire vehicle will cost you 500 coins but an ambulance would only set you back 450. All the cars are quite stylish and amazing. Spend your hard-earned pennies on the vehicles of your choice when you've amassed as many as possible. If you love the game Drift F1 then you can refer to Drift Max Pro, a game with simple and fun gameplay.

How to play: The gameplay is quite simply similar to Drift Boss