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Douchebag Life


"Douchebag Life" is a game that challenges players to turn a thin man into the greatest icon of female appeal in 14 days. As the player, you must guide the character through a number of duties such as exercise, good diet, and automobile upgrades, all while balancing work to make money.

The game's unique idea distinguishes it from other simulation games. It allows players to see what it takes to be the ideal magnet for women and how much work is required to achieve that objective. You must think carefully about how to organize your resources and make the most of each day when you have a limited amount of time.

The game's open-world concept gives players several opportunities to become famous. You may work out at the gym, go shopping for new clothing, or even visit a tanning clinic to give yourself a healthy glow. Each activity has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so you must carefully balance your selections.

Money is a valuable asset in "Douchebag Life." You will need cash to buy new clothing, a new automobile, and nutritional pills to help your muscles develop quicker. However, you must work to make money, which might interfere with your workout and socializing time. The ability to balance these opposing objectives is essential for being the ideal douchebag.

For gamers that need an additional boost, the game also provides cheats. These tricks may help you fast obtain money or improve your stats, but they come at a cost. Cheating might make the game less difficult and lessen your feeling of success when you ultimately reach your objective.

To summarize, "Douchebag Life" is a one-of-a-kind and captivating simulation game that challenges players to change a scrawny man into the greatest symbol of appeal in only 14 days. With its open-world architecture, strategic gameplay, and hacks, it allows players to feel what it takes to be a douchebag and explore the ramifications of their decisions. If you're searching for a game that will put your talents to the test while still providing hours of amusement, "Douchebag Life" is a must-play.

Use your mouse or touch screen to play the game.

What are Douchebag Life cheat codes?
SHIFT + S = get $10 money
SHIFT + I = press to make time run forward
SHIFT + U = press to make time run backward