About Dog Puzzle Story 2

Welcome back to the next installment of the Dog Puzzle Story game series. In this game, you will continue to help the dog Charlie by performing the tasks set out.

The quest you need to complete in Dog Puzzle Story 2

Little Charlie is having a hard time organizing toys and some dog items. Your goal in this game is to help the dog complete this arrangement. To be able to achieve the goal, you need to combine three or more similar toys or items to collect them. However, you need to pay attention to the requirements of the game about what you need to collect and how many matches you have in each level. If you use up all the moves and still don't complete the mission, you will lose and have to start over. While matching three of the same items you can only collect three of them, but if you pair four or more of the same items you can create a tremendous power that can explode and help you to collect the items around, and make the quest complete sooner. If you have ever experienced the game Garden Tales 2, you will notice many similarities between these two games, both in terms of gameplay or tips to create the other terrible power.

How to control

Click the mouse to control.

Some interesting facts of the game

In addition to creating powerful items, if you pair two items with power together, the explosion in the game is even bigger and creates more benefits for you. In addition, you also have a guild to experience different modes, including Tournament mode where you will try to get the highest score possible and continuously break your own records. Besides, there are some power-ups that make it easier for you to win the game, such as rockets that can help you collect all items in a horizontal or vertical row, and hammers that help you make disappear any item of your choice to be able to achieve the goal, or change the position of two items close to each other without losing turns.