About Daily Dadish


Daily Dadish is a classic platformer that has 365 handcrafted levels for each day. Help the poor father find his missing children before challenging traps. Each level is available to play for only 24 hours, adding a sense of urgency to the game. Join Dadish on his quest to reunite with his missing kids while facing challenging enemies and unlocking new characters.

Dalish character

Dadish is a tired and overworked father whose children love to play tricks on him. One day, he takes a well-deserved nap only to wake up and find that his mischievous kids have disappeared. Now, Dadish must embark on a quest to find his missing children one by one through different levels in this fun and challenging game.

The guidelines for playing Daily Dadish

Help Dalish overcome the pitfalls

Throughout the game, Dadish encounters numerous lethal traps that can cause instant death upon contact. Guide him to leap over these obstacles. Movable monsters constantly pose a threat to your character. Anticipate their movements and time your jumps correctly to avoid them.


You can control your movement using either the WASD keys or the arrow keys. To jump, simply press the spacebar.