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Cube Colossus


The Universe's Epic Battles

Cube Colossus is a fun shooting game where you will control a formidable spaceship. Giant cubes travel across the universe, ready to attack you.

Engage in intense combat

Beware of the relentless cubes, as they pose a constant threat to your spaceship's health. A single touch can deplete your HP. Stay alert as some cubes have the ability to unleash deadly projectiles. Skillfully evade their bullets while maintaining a safe distance. Unleash a barrage of firepower by continuously clicking the left mouse button. Prioritize targets that are in close proximity. Once your energy gauge is full, unleash a devastating special attack.

Monitor your vital signs

Monitor your spaceship's vital signs displayed on the screen, including HP, energy, and special abilities. Ensure your HP doesn't reach zero unless you want the game to come to an end.


  • Press the W key to switch targets and lock onto the nearest enemy.
  • Use the A and D keys to tilt the target offset counterclockwise, enabling precise aiming.
  • Press the S key to reset the offset and realign your aim.
  • Click the left mouse button to unleash a barrage of shots.
  • Navigate your spaceship by swiping the mouse.
  • Pause the game by pressing the ESC key.