Build bridges your way

Conquer every roof in the game Cross The Bridge! Armed with a special ladder, you'll build bridges over skyscrapers, across awe-inspiring heights. Take control of your character as they navigate from one rooftop to another, braving the ever-present danger that looms. The risk of a fall is ever-present, heightening the thrill of the challenge. To overcome this perilous journey, your task is to strategically construct bridges that will aid your progress and ensure your success.

Calculate the path carefully

Exercise caution, think critically, and utilize your bridge-building skills to navigate the dangerous gaps between buildings. Each bridge you create becomes a lifeline, propelling you closer to victory. Embrace this exciting opportunity and conquer the rooftops with skill and precision in the game.

The length of these wooden sticks is entirely up to you. It's crucial to find the right balance - not too long, yet not too short. A bridge that is too lengthy may lead to instability, risking a perilous fall from these dizzying heights. Aim for the perfect length, enabling you to confidently navigate the rooftops and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.