About Crash Race

Crash Race is a running game that takes you on a heart-pounding ride. Prepare yourself for high speeds, sudden stops, and unexpected maneuvers ahead. As time progresses, your car will gather speed, so exercise caution and avoid crashing until you set a new record. Playing this game is quite straightforward. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate your vehicle, and press the spacebar to apply brakes. Pressing the left or right arrow keys will allow you to turn your vehicle in the corresponding direction. Use the spacebar to accelerate and speed up.

Your objective in Crash Race

Your objective is to race your car while avoiding collisions with other vehicles, which will slow you down. Although it sounds simple, this game's straightforward approach is what makes it so exciting! Race on various tracks, unlock new cars as you advance through the levels, and earn stars based on your performance. The more stars you earn, the more vehicles you can unlock. As the difficulty increases, the tracks become more challenging.