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Clash Of Orcs


About Clash Of Orcs

Engage in the epic clash between two opposing forces in Clash Of Orcs. Take command of your army and lead them into battle against the enemy. This action-packed game requires players to give their all to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Prepare yourself for a thrilling confrontation as two players go head-to-head, vying for victory. Success is achieved by not only defeating the enemy's warriors but also toppling their fortress.

In Clash Of Orcs, both players continuously bolster their strength by recruiting formidable warriors. Take control of your warriors, strategically launching attacks to overcome the enemy. Obliterate the opponent's troops, dismantle their bases, and lay siege to their fortresses to emerge triumphant. Show your tactical prowess and claim victory in this gripping game.

A few tips for you to play

Accumulate more glasses: Increasing the number of glasses you possess will improve your chances of winning. So, focus on collecting as many glasses as possible throughout the game.

Level up your warriors: Warriors are categorized based on their levels, and higher-level warriors possess greater power. Invest in upgrading your warriors to enhance their abilities and increase your chances of success.

Strategic upgrades: Upgrading your warriors can significantly facilitate achieving your goals. Prioritize upgrades that align with your preferred playstyle and strategy to make progress more smoothly.

Close-range dominance: Warriors with high damage-oriented capabilities excel in close-range combat. Utilize them effectively on battlefields that prioritize close-quarters engagements for maximum impact.

Long-range proficiency: Magical warriors possess the ability to engage enemies effectively from a distance. Make use of their long-range attacks to gain an advantage in battles that require distance-based tactics.

Balance your team: Combining both magical and damage-oriented warriors in your lineup can create a well-rounded force capable of both attacking and defending. Strive for a balanced team composition to strengthen your overall strategy.

Defend your base: While attacking enemies is crucial, remember to allocate resources and effort towards defending your base. Strengthen your defenses and be prepared to counter enemy assaults to safeguard your progress and increase your chances of victory.