Join the intense battles in Cartoon Strike!

Join the pixel battlefield in Cartoon Strike! Choose your side, grab your weapons, and participate in multiplayer matches from around the world. After selecting a server, players must choose a team between terrorists and militia, and purchase their desired weapon. The objective is to eliminate enemies and survive for as long as possible. Although the maps are not large, there are several areas to take cover. Up to 8 players can join a server to play together, and there are various tactics that can be employed in combat. The game features simple pixel graphics that are easy and enjoyable to play. The game is designed for fast-paced action and offers a range of weapons including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and machine guns, all presented in stylish blocky graphics.

Shoot your way to victory using the latest weapons!

How to play

You can join a game with your friends or play with strangers from around the world. While some players prefer to take a more direct approach and charge into enemy territory, others prefer to be stealthy and use sniper rifles to take out their opponents from afar. Of course, there's always the option to cause chaos with an RPG, but this can be costly and may not always yield reliable results.

Choose your team and jump into the action on servers located all around the world. You'll have a variety of weapons to choose from, including machine guns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, and the classic M16. And don't forget about the special items like grenades and secondary weapons that can help you turn the tide of battle.


To navigate, use the WASD keys. Use the left mouse button to shoot, press R to reload, and F to get more ammo.

Features of Cartoon Strike


It has five well-designed maps, including Farm, Port, Military Base, and others. Players divide into two teams, terrorists and police, and can choose from four unique outfits for their characters.


The game offers two modes: deathmatch mode and free-for-all. You can choose your preferred game room, mode, and camouflage. There are standard weapons available to use, and you can also buy new weapons from the in-game shop.

In the team deathmatch mode, you'll be pitted against an opposing online team and must fight to get the most kills. The maps are great and offer a variety of exciting environments to battle in.