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Car Painting Simulator


You have ever played a lot of racing games or car-related games. However, have you ever created a car by yourself? Do you want to play a game like that? Car Painting Simulator allows you to design a car by yourself. It's sure that this game will bring you an experience that you never had.

About Car Painting Simulator

Description of the game

Welcome to the Car Painting Simulator game! Coming to this game, you can experience different gameplay compared to car-related games. In this game, you can still drive your car. However, this game has one more function. The game allows you to paint your car. You can decorate your car with different colors and stickers. You can choose them freely. Design your own car and start car test drives.

In addition, this game is similar to the Smash Karts game where you can control your vehicle and participate in battles. You can compete with other players and use weapons to destroy opponents. You can also invite friends or relatives to play together. New vehicles to experience more exciting battles can be unlocked in the game. However, painting mode is a new mode that many other online games do not have. Please start the Car Painting Simulator game if you want to experience this feature!

Developer and released date

APEKung is the developer of the game in December 2020. Besides, although the developer announced that you play this simulator game on the Web Browser platform, you can play it on other platforms. Of course, you will have the best experience with the Web Browser.

Control instruction

In order to have the greatest moment with this game, there are some instructions for you to play:

  • In Paint Mode, you use W, A, S, and D keys to move the camera, the left mouse button to paint, and hold the right mouse button and drag to rotate the camera. Besides, the F or G and E or Q keys are used to flip and expand or shrink.
  • In Test Drive Mode, you will conduct a test of whether your car is a great car or not by driving it. In order to drive your car, let's use W, A, S, and D keys or arrow keys. Press C to change the view. F and Space bar has the effects of using nitro and handbrake.

More Information about the Car Painting Simulator game

This game offers players many choices. You can not only design your car but you can also set the parameters of your car. Go to Customize Menu to set: Wheels, Steering Assistances, and Configurations. In specific, I will mention things you are able to design below:


  • Front Camber
  • Rear Camber
  • Front Suspensions Spring Force
  • Rear Suspensions Spring Force
  • Front Suspensions
  • Rear Suspensions
  • Front Suspensions Spring Dam
  • Rear Suspensions Spring Damp

Steering Assistance

  • Steering Helper
  • Counter Steering


  • Maximum Speed
  • Maximum Brake

Besides, this game has great graphics. You can experience driving in endless fields. Enjoy amazing views while testing your car.