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Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure


About Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure

Are you ready for a new race with Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure? Be the greatest racer and knock out all the enemies who want to stop you.

You think that playing Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure is the best experience that the Car Eats Car series can give you. Think twice and play Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure. This is still a race against the enemies and saves the friends from prison. However, this is the Dungeon racing track. The enemy becomes more aggressive than ever. They run faster, attack harder, and are more diabolical. Moreover, there are some creatures that are always hiding. Once you are not paying attention they will push you into the lava.

You need to collect a lot of eggs and gems to upgrade your car. Only when you are the strongest to defeat all enemies, you can save your friends.

Features of Car Eats Cars: Dungeon Adventure

  • Start a crazy race in a dungeon
  • Collect the egg and gem
  • Upgrade the car
  • Fight against the enemy and save friends

How to Play

  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to drive the car. Besides, there are a lot of gadgets to help you defeat your enemies. These are Missile Launchers, Freeze Ray, Magnet, Bomb replicators, and Emp emitters.
  • There are some bombs such as basic bombs, frag bombs, flame bombs, cluster bombs, and Shrink bombs. Each type of bomb has different damage to help you take down the enemy.
  • Collect rubies to buy these gadgets and bombs.
  • Let's become the strongest in the Dungeon tracks.

How to control

  • Use X to activate the turbo
  • Use the right arrow to turn right
  • Use A to turn left
  • Use W or up arrow to gas
  • Use S or down arrow to brake
  • Use SPACE to use the bomb