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Car Eats Car Evil Cars


About Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Start a new adventure with Car Eats Car Evil Cars, where you have a chance to play evil cars against the police and save friends from prison.

It is created by the creators of Car Eats Car 2. Car Eats Car Evil Car is a more fun game. Starts an evil race to fight against police cars and civilian cars. Thrilling chases and severe fights will give you an exciting experience. Try to help your car survive in this race and save your friends from prison.

During the race, don't forget to collect ruby. It will help you upgrade your car and buy gadgets. If your car is more powerful than the police car, you will pass the level more easily.

Play the game and become the winner in the races.

Features of Car Eats Car Evil Cars

  • Start a crazy race
  • Collect the ruby
  • Upgrade the car
  • Fight against the police car and save friends
  • Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars through several levels

You will go through a lot of game levels. Challenges will be updated through each level. At high levels, the race will become more intense. Because what you face is not only police cars and civilian cars. You have to suffer the onslaught of many police civil cars. Moreover, You need to pay attention to dead-end traps and bombs from helicopters.

About gadgets

  • Missile launcher: Integrated rocket launcher, that damages your enemies
  • Freeze ray: Freezes your enemies
  • Magnet: Attracts ruby
  • Bombs replicator: slowly generates bomb in the stock
  • Emp emitter: emits electromagnetic pulses which paralyze enemies around you

How to control

  • Use X to activate the turbo
  • Use the right arrow to turn right
  • Use A to turn left
  • Use W or up arrow to gas
  • Use S or down arrow to brake
  • Use SPACE to use the bomb