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Car Eats Car 2


About Play Car Eats Car 2

Play Car Eats Car 2 and have an interesting experiment. In this game, you have to escape all the cannibal car chasers and reach a safe exit.

It is not a game that challenges your parking skills like the Car Carrier Trailer. In Car Eats Car 2, you will have to experiment with a real fight to reach the exit safely. Cannibal car chasers are always chasing to eat you. You have to run fast, and use your weapons to fight against them.

Features of the Car Eats Car 2

  • Drive car
  • Use the weapon
  • Fight against cannibal car chaser
  • Find a safe exit

How to Play

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to steer and drive the car to find the exit safely. You can use weapons such as Bombs and Turbos to escape the enemy. Also, you can use Rubies and Golden Cogwheels to upgrade your weapons. Make your weapon stronger than the enemy to make it easier to escape the enemy.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to accelerate
  • Use the down arrow to brake
  • Use the right arrow to balance right
  • Use the left arrow to balance left
  • Use Z to boost
  • Use X to use bombs.
  • Use Bonuses to fight against cannibals car chasers
  • There are many bonuses to help you fight against Cannibals. Using them effectively to reach the exit safely.


  • Health and mega health: Recover your car's health.
  • Turbo and super turbo: Top up your car's turbo
  • Bomb and ultra bombs: Replenish your car bomb inventory
  • Rubies and Golden Cogwheels: to upgrade your car

Super Bonuses

  • Freeze: Freeze all enemies for a short time
  • Earthquake: Shakes the ground, slows down, and damages enemies
  • Thunderstorm: Summon a thundercloud and strike lightning on enemies
  • Enigma: Randomly give you super bonuses