About Car Carrier Trailer

Play Car Carrier Trailer and have exciting experience moments. In this game, you will have to control a carrier car and complete multiple tasks.

It is similar to Car Advance Car Parking. The Car Carrier Trailer game is a car control game that gives you real experiences. In this game, everything seems to get more difficult when you are in a larger space. There are more multiple missions that need to be completed. The obstacles also become more difficult.

You also have a card to choose the color of your car. There are many colorful colors that you can choose from before starting the game.

Choose a color you like and have a great gaming experience!

Features of the Car Advance Car Parking

  • Drive the car through a lot of obstacles
  • Park the car in the correct parking lot
  • Complete multiple tasks
  • choose your car's color

How to play

There will be arrows indicating the direction of the path. You need to follow the arrow and complete the mission. Multiple missions require you to be ingenious. The difficulty is not the direction of the obstacle, but the path to the parking lot. The meandering path and narrow parking spaces created great difficulties. Besides, the large map also is a great deal. You will easily get lost in it and fail the game.

You will experiment with 10 levels corresponding to 10 different challenges. Furthermore, at each level, you will have to park many cars. Try to avoid the obstacles and park the car in the right parking lot and pass the level.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to move forward
  • Use the down arrow to move backward
  • Use the right arrow to move right
  • Use the left arrow to move left

Notices: Using the arrows many times will increase the speed of the car.