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Bouncing Balls


About Bouncing Balls

If you are looking for a game to pass the time in your spare time, Bouncing Balls will not disappoint you. Come to the exciting ball shooting game with many levels and increasing difficulty and enjoy a fun time!

Your quest in Bouncing Balls

In the Bouncing Balls game, a series of balls are being pressed down by a 1000-ton dumbbell. Your task is to shoot all of them before the other dumbbell falls and crushes you. To do so, you need to shoot balls at groups of balls of the same color until you burst no more balls. You need to match at least three balls of the same color to make them explode and disappear. Try to complete the goals as quickly as possible because they are getting lower and lower. The gameplay of this game is quite similar to Garden Tales 2, where you will connect the same fruits in the garden to complete the tasks.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Some notes for you when participating in game

The game consists of many levels with increasing difficulty as the balls become more colorful, and they will collapse faster. In addition, to quickly end the game with a victory, you can aim at the balls that are easy to fall in clusters at the top. If you connect balls of different colors to the balls that you shoot down, they will also fall, enabling you to quickly win with a higher score. In particular, to make it easier to hit the necessary objects, rely on arrows. It will help you aim accurately. With eye-catching graphics and simple gameplay, Bouncing Balls will definitely be a perfect choice for players to have moments of relaxation after stress and fatigue.