About Bee Connect

Unlock the power of four essential skills in your Bee Connect journey. Each skill has its own name and prize, giving you plenty of possibilities to explore. With 10 stars, the Refresh skill allows you to rejuvenate your gameplay. For 20 stars, Remove 1 enables you to eliminate a single element. If you're aiming for bigger impacts, invest 35 stars in Remove 5, which lets you clear five elements at once. And for 75 stars, the Remove Same Color skill grants you the ability to eliminate all elements of the same color. These skill names not only signify their functions but also ignite your imagination about the potential strategies they offer. Choose your moves wisely, leveraging these skills to overcome challenges and achieve your highest scores in Bee Connect!

Your goal in Bee Connect

This unique playing field consists of 37 hexagons, each meticulously designed like the cells of a honeycomb. Within these hexagons, you'll find solid numbers waiting to be connected and transformed. Your goal is to arrange a minimum of 4 hexagons with the same number, linking them together to create a brand-new hexagon. This newly formed hexagon will hold a number that represents the sum of its constituent parts. As you successfully make these connections, you'll be rewarded with valuable stars.

To connect the hexagons, simply select the one you wish to move and click on the desired destination. The target hexagon will automatically shift into place. However, be mindful of any obstacles that may hinder the movement of a hexagon. Additionally, after every 3 moves, a new hexagon will be introduced, adding an element of surprise and challenge to the gameplay.