About Ant Art Tycoon

Ant Art Tycoon is an online game developed by Wix Games in which you play as a colony manager who oversees a group of artist ants to create amazing works. Your primary responsibility is to determine the optimal selling price for each artwork. Adjust the price tags strategically to attract potential buyers and maximize your earnings. Avoid setting prices too high, as it may deter people from purchasing the pieces. On the other hand, be mindful not to undervalue them, as you'll require the funds. As you accumulate wealth, you can invest in superior ants, expand your color palette, acquire larger canvases, gain speed bonuses, and unlock numerous surprises.

Instructions for playing Ant Art Tycoon

Observe the industrious ants as they embark on their inaugural painting endeavor, eagerly awaiting its completion to put it up for sale. Take control of the pricing process by utilizing the plus and minus buttons. Every successful purchase made by a customer will reward you with monetary gains. Utilize these funds wisely by investing in additional ants and upgrades. Within this game, a diverse range of ant types are available. The black ants may be slower, yet they are reasonably priced. In contrast, the colored ants are pricier but boast superior speed and efficiency. While smaller and simpler paintings may not fetch substantial profits, some of the larger and more intricate artworks can command prices in the thousands. Enhance your artistic enterprise by upgrading picture sizes, acquiring more listing positions, and exploring other beneficial options. Before long, you will command an army of diligent ants working tirelessly to create exquisite masterpieces for your prosperity.