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Among Us Rescue


About Among Us Rescue

Welcome to Among Us Rescue! This game is about a crewmate who is stuck on a spaceship. He needs your help to escape from the imposter to get the treasure.

It is similar to Where is the Water, this is a game that requires logical thinking. But it's simpler, you don't need to draw the water pipe so that you can both earn stars and help the crocodile get water. You need to use your smart and tap the pin to figure out how to help the crew get the treasure. There are many dangers lurking on the spaceship, it could be impostors or lava. You need to kill the impostor and keep the crew out of the lava, push the pin precisely to keep the crew safe.

Features of Among Us Rescue

  • Pull the pin
  • Save the crew and help him get the treasure


A note for you when encountering water lava will turn into bricks. So pay attention to tap the pin with water first so that the lava pin turns into bricks before tapping the treasure pin. In addition, lava and bricks can also kill imposters so be aware of killing imposters before getting the treasure.

Play Among Us Rescue with numerous levels

This game is also divided into many different levels. At low levels everything seems quite easy, you can pass the game without much effort. However, at a higher level, you will have more difficulty passing the game. There will be more obstacles, you push more pins. Just one wrong move, the treasure will be destroyed, and you fail.

With eye-catching graphics and simple gameplay, this game is suitable for all ages, especially those who want to practice logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

You only need a smart device such as a mobile, tablet, or desktop to play this game.

How to control: Tap to pull the pin.