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Age Of War


Fight enemies in Age Of War

Do you think you can build yourself an invincible army? Will you destroy any enemy that wants to invade and attack your base? That's what happens in the addictive game Age Of War.

Rules of the game Age Of War

In this action game, your goal is to survive and destroy the enemy base. The game is divided into 5 ages. To move to the next age, you need XP points. To gain these points, you must destroy enemy units. You also get XP when one of your units is killed. You can also build defenses. Finding a balance between defense and defense is key. Use as much gold as you can to buy warriors, upgrade weapons, and fight off enemy incursions. Also, if you love sports, the Retro Bowl is for you. Join this game as a unique way for you to practice rugby

Impressive facts about the Age Of War game

The game has 3 modes for you to choose which are difficult, easy and impossible modes. You should choose the mode that is right for you to have the best experience with Age Of War. You will also be able to use a special attack. This attack will take time to come back after you use it. Each age has its own special attack. You cannot repair your base, but it will gain health points each time you evolve to the next age. There is a tip for you that you should put a powerful weapon at your base as a protection option, maybe a cannon. So when your soldiers have been destroyed by the enemy, while collecting more money to buy new soldiers and upgrade the base, that weapon can help you protect the base for a certain period of time. You need to protect your base at all costs if you don't want to lose.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.