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Adam and Eve: Zombies


About Adam and Eve: Zombies

Adam and Eve: Zombies is another wonderful adventure in this fantastic series. Help Adam through a series of levels to defeat the evil zombie cats

Eve and Adam: Zombie Many of you at GameVui have expressed love for the upcoming installment of the Adam and Eve video game franchise. As soon as you start playing Adam and Eve: Zombie, you'll be given the responsibility of immediately assisting Adam in destroying all the zombie cats that he encounters while searching for Eva and trying to direct him. How to tackle challenges without getting hurt by zombies, Adam!

You must work out a series of puzzles to assist Adam to eliminate or avoid the cats during each level. Think quickly and consider how you could use various items to aid your hero in escaping. To interact with an object, merely click on it. If any advancing zombie cats catch up to you, the game is finished and you must start the level over. Move quickly and be aware of them! Can you finish every task, find Eve for Adam, and stay clear of the zombie cats?

Features of the game

  • Various zombie variants, including a zombie carrying a bomb
  • Levels that are time-sensitive
  • Animations that are entertaining


  • Use the left mouse button to interact with an object.