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Adam and Eve Night


About Adam and Eve Night

Start a new adventure with Adam and Eve Night. Adam is trapped in the dark night, where terrifying creatures are hiding. Come and save Adam from these creatures!

It is familiar with Mystery Venue Hidden Object. In this game, you will have to strain your brain to find a way to save Adam. Adam is on his way back to Eve on a haunted path. There are a lot of dangerous things going around him. There are always ghosts or ghouls who want to take his soul. You need to quickly find a way to help him get rid of those things.

How to play

  • For the creatures that block Adam's path, you need to distract them. Find a way for them to run away from the path of Adam.
  • For creatures that can move to get Adam's soul, you need to find a way to quickly help Adam get out of there.
  • For the creatures that lurk in the dark, be careful not to fall into their traps. If they wake up and go looking for you, there's no way to exist.
  • Challenge your concentration and intelligence by playing Adam & Eve Night.

How to control: Tap to start an adventure.

Features of Adam and Eve Night

  • Outstanding adventures
  • Dangerous creatures
  • Saving Adam
  • About context

Covering the game is a dark color, creating mystery. The dark night is also a place where creatures like to hide. Some monsters will come and eat Adam's soul while others will hide and wait for Adam. You never know when we will fall into their trap. So think smart and fast to find the best way.

The game is also quite logical when there is a context throughout. The creature that you have escaped from the previous level continues to see you in the next level.