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Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost


About Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost

Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost is a soft horror spin on the puzzle-adventure game series Adam and Eve. Play as Adam again and help him scare many people.

The seventh episode of this entertaining series is titled Adam the ghost. In this book, Adam has turned evil and now spends his time frightening people all around the world! You need to assist Adam in frightening at least one person on each level!

Adam is trying to find a method to vent his rage. Adam becomes a bored boy when he spends all of his time working. And Adam didn't actually benefit at all from being a good boy. So he made the decision to channel his inner bad boy. Add some ominous music here. Bwah-hah-hah! The goal of each level is to scare as many people as you can while completing it. You're going to tour the world, visit other nations, cross the ocean, and pick your victims to frighten them batty. Make them jump out of their skin by using your mouse to solve the riddles at each level. Hehe, hehe! Well done. It's time to move on and find your next victim. Have a wonderful time!

This game employs the standard Adam and Eve gameplay, where you must click on various goods and objects to assist Adam in advancing through the level and achieving his objective. You have to really use your head to try and find out how to scare the individual as the stages get harder and harder! This game is a ton of fun and has 14 distinct levels to accomplish. Don't forget to test out Adam and Eve - Sleepwalker's earlier iteration!

Prepare to be shocked or frightened by Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost! You are aware of the power of love. Anyone's greatest or worst traits can be brought out by it. We believe you are aware of the solution in this instance. Are you willing to let your inner darkness out?

Features of the game

  • When he approaches the goal, he can create a large scary expression.
  • Many levels with distinct places and challenges.
  • Your click counts are monitored.


  • Press the left mouse button to interact with an object.