About 2048 Ball Buster

Have you ever played the 2048 game? This game is similar to the 2048 game. However, the gameplay has changed to make a difference in the game. Coming to this game, you can enjoy moments of entertainment with a new game with familiar rules. The novelty mixed with the familiar makes this game unique. Are you curious about the novelties in this game? What makes this game unique? Let's start this game now and enjoy it! Have a nice time!

This game is inspired by ball-related games. Even on our website, you can also find many ball games like Slope Run. Each game has different characteristics. However, the common theme linked them together. You cannot ignore any game on our website's Hot Games list. You can go to this section to follow other popular games as well as your favorite ball games. The hottest games have been curated for you. You can easily access any game you want with just one click.

Rules in this 2048 game

You receive random balls in this game. There will be numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. on the balls. When balls with the same number are placed close together, they will combine. Make the highest possible number as best you can. However, combining the balls is difficult. From above, these balls will fall. The ball's position can be changed, and you can choose where it will land. You won't be able to move the ball once it's in the air again. The ball will swiftly fill the playing screen if you drop it in the wrong spots. The game is over if the ball reaches the end line.

The game features a number of levels. When you reach the desired number, these levels are finished. The biggest number will be eliminated after finishing the first level. Along with you, the other numbers will go on to the next level. You must reach 2048 to win this game. Use the power-ups to clear the numbers you want.