2048 is a single-player math puzzle game. The goal of the game is to combine tiles until you reach 2048 points. Try to save free space to continue the game

A simple and enjoyable puzzle game is 2048. You will adore this game even if you dislike numbers. The arrow keys or alternately the W, A, S, and D keys are used to control it on a 4x4 grid. All tiles slide every time a key is pressed. Tiles that collide and share the same value are combined. There is always some element of chance, even though there may be the best course of action. Try to finish with a lower score if you've already won and want to master the game. That would imply that you made fewer moves to finish.

You combine tiles with equal numbers in the mathematical puzzle game 2048, which is played alone. Merge the tiles together until you have 2048 in order to win the game. The value doubles with each tile merger. Tiles can be moved in any direction to combine similar tiles. Since the playing field is a 4x4 grid, there isn't much room for movement. Try to leave some room empty.

How to play: To move the tiles, use your arrow keys. When two identically numbered tiles touch, they combine to form one.