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2 Player Imposter Soccer


Play the 2 Player Imposter Soccer game to participate in soccer battles as an imposter. Gain more points in a limited time to gain victory in this game!

Play Soccer With Imposters

In this game, you will have the opportunity to participate in football matches with Imposter characters. Who is Imposter? If you are a fan of online games, you will know the game Among Us where you show off your detective skills to find the Imposters. The Imposters are the killers who are hiding among the crewmates. Are you ready to be this character? Participating in football matches when becoming an imposter will be extremely interesting. New experiences will come to you.

This game is based on a sports theme. You can play the Tap-Tap Shot game, another fun sports game from our website. Although these two games are based on two different sports, they both give you great moments of relaxation. The football matches become even more interesting when you can unlock different characters and balls. These characters and balls are uniquely designed to meet the visual needs of the players. Start this game now!

1 Player mode and 2 Player mode

In this game, you can freely choose one of two modes. There is 1 Player mode and 2 Players mode. Each mode gives you different experiences with different characteristics. You can play alone in 1 Player mode. This mode will bring football matches with the CPU. CPU battles are not simple. Can you win the CPU? Artificial intelligence has incredible kicking ability.

In addition, you will participate in 2 player matches in 2-Player Mode. This mode allows players to invite other players to join a football match. These matches will take place on the same device, so you can interact directly with your opponents. Besides, competing in 2 Players mode will have more unexpected situations. Can you handle all of these situations? Play and show off your abilities!