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2 Player Battle Car Racing


About the 2 Player Battle Car Racing game

Come to this game to participate in exciting races with the 2 Player Battle Car Racing game! In this game, you have the opportunity to experience amazing races to win first place. This is the desired position of many players. Therefore, it is not easy to win this position. Are you brave enough to win this position? Join the driving game and show your bravery! Any talented player can achieve admirable achievements in this game!

Control your car as carefully as you control your character in the Happy Wheels game. Your character in the Happy Wheels game is very difficult to balance. You will lose with just one small mistake. Therefore, you need to be very careful while driving to avoid deadly obstacles. This driving game is similar. You need to drive very carefully, especially when passing turns. If you have an accident, it will take you time to solve it. As a result, your chances of winning will decrease.

How to play this game in 2 modes

  • This game provides 2 modes for you to experience. You can choose any mode you want. Besides, you can also unlock your favorite cars to increase the excitement in the matches.
  • In 1 Player mode, you will compete against the CPU. Complete the laps first to win. In 2 Players mode, you can compete directly with a friend or relative. Invite a friend you want to play with and start this mode on the same device. Fun situations will happen to help you relieve stress and entertain.
  • The gameplay of the game is simple. The controls are also easy. You can understand the gameplay and controls clearly the first time you play. Therefore, this game is suitable for all ages.

How to control

  • Use your WASD or Arrow Keys to drive the vehicles.
  • Left SHIFT for Nitro
  • R Key to car reset.