Play the 1010 Jungle Blocks game

10x10 block game is back with a new version. The main theme of this new version is a jungle. Have you ever fantasized about vast forests? Green trees surround you. You can enjoy the fresh air that the forest brings. The trees and flowers are always green and waiting for you to explore. This forest has so many mysteries and thrills. Come to this game now and enjoy it!

This game is a fun puzzle game. It is based on the classic puzzle game. You can exercise your thinking ability while having fun. This game requires players to use their thinking ability to have a plan and place blocks in suitable positions. After completing setting a block, you can not move it. Therefore, you need to think carefully before making any decision. Any mistake can make your game end. This game is similar to the Happy Wheels game. If you control your character wrongly, the game will be over. The gameplay of this entertaining game is the same. Arranging blocks is the most significant task in the 1010 Jungle Blocks game. Can you conquer the best score in this game? Start now and show your abilities!

How to play the 1010 Jungle Blocks game

This game has a simple gameplay and easy controls. This game will provide you with a 10x10 board. That means 100 squares waiting for you. In addition, blocks of various shapes and sizes are also provided. You need to place these blocks on the board to complete a line or row of blocks. After you have a row of blocks, the blocks of this row will be removed. Remove as many blocks as possible. The point you can get will be equal to the number of eliminated blocks. Therefore, try to remove many blocks at the same time. You will get more points.