Instructions to play 1010 Deluxe

Test your puzzle-solving skills with 1010 Deluxe! Arrange shapes strategically to create perfect rows and columns, and clear lines to increase points. You need a smart strategy. The way of the puzzle of this game is quite strange and different from the usual traditional puzzle games. Instead of matching the same color and eating the same color as the traditional jigsaw puzzle, this game has a rather strange way of jigsaw puzzles. You will need to arrange the square blocks of different colors or the same color. If you line them up horizontally, you will get points. It doesn't have to be the same color, as long as these blocks are closed in a horizontal shape, you will get points and break this horizontal barrier. You will keep filling the horizontal rows until there is no space left to fit the random block. Then the game will end. It sounds simple, but getting a high score is not easy

Tips and tricks in 1010 Deluxe

You can arrange geometric blocks everywhere on the screen. Can be arranged above or below, left or right. Arrange these geometric blocks smartly and neatly to avoid filling the screen.

Randomly sort without color. You should arrange the cells in horizontal rows so that you can quickly and easily get points. The more blocks you can match, the higher the score you will get.

In addition, you can also eat vertically when stacking random square blocks closed vertically. Do not forget to pay attention to the number of empty cells so that the random blocks always have room to place. Otherwise the game will be over.