The description of Total Recoil

Total Recoil is an engaging shooting game. Equip yourself with the best weapons to pass the levels. Complete quests and discover more new weapons. The world is in peril as robots take over, but you are in command of a team of heroes who have infiltrated RoboCorp's factory to strike back. With your incredible agility and powerful gunfire, you must defeat wave after wave of hostile robots and conquer 30 explosive levels of action-packed gameplay. Collect coins to purchase new characters, such as the experienced leader Old Rick, the no-nonsense commando Mad Clark, the rookie with a deadly weapon Johnny B., the demolition expert Red O'Neal, the malfunctioning technology specialist T. McKein, the trained martial artist Michelle, and the mysterious and lethal Spec. Discover new weapons to find the perfect fit for your playing style and test your skills in the unlockable Survival Mode, providing endless gameplay.

Instructions to play Total Recoil

How to play

Fend off the army of robots attempting to end your life by shooting them from the left or right side of the screen. As you progress through each level, watch out for spikes and rockets that can destroy you. Collect coins along the way to unlock new characters, making it easier to annihilate the cyborgs. Strive to collect all 90 stars to unlock Survival mode, providing unlimited gameplay for you to enjoy.


To play, use the Left/Right arrow keys or tap on the screen to shoot and jump. Your goal is to eliminate all the robots on the screen.