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Tiny Fishing


About Tiny Fishing online game

Tiny Fishing is a game in which a character goes fishing in various environments. Your goal is to catch as many fishes as possible by winding and timing.

In Tiny Fishing, players can unlock new environments and gear as they progress through the game. Each environment has its own set of fish and challenges, and players can use different types of bait to attract different types of fish. Some environments may also have special events or challenges that players can participate in to earn rewards. In addition to catching fish, players can also upgrade their gear to improve their chances of success. This can include upgrading their rod, reel, and line to make it easier to catch larger and more valuable fish. Additionally, players can customize their characters' attire and accessories. Some versions of Tiny Fishing may also include social features such as leaderboards or the ability to compete with friends. This can add an extra level of competition and help players track their progress relative to others.

How to play

  • Select the environment you want to fish in and the type of bait you want to use.
  • Tap the display to cast your fishing line into the water.
  • Wait for a fish to bite, then tap the screen again to start reeling in the line.
  • Pay attention to the tension meter on the right side of the screen. When it reaches the green zone, tap the screen again to catch the fish.
  • Continue fishing and catching as many fish as possible.
  • Unlock new environments and gear as you progress through the game.