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The Impossible Quiz


About The Impossible Quiz

Play The Impossible Quiz - an intellectual challenge game, where questions have answers you never expected. Let's play and challenge your brain.

If Subway Surfers is a fun running game, in contrast, The Impossible Quiz will be a hard game that challenges your intelligence. In this game, both classic questions and new questions are presented. You will be surprised to the answers you cannot expect because they are illogical. Even if you have encountered familiar questions in the game. The game can still surprise you by changing the answers to make them more difficult. Sometimes you will find the answer very absurd but also very convincing.

Features of The Impossible Quiz

  • An illogic and intellectual challenge game
  • Train the brain to think differently
  • Play The Impossible Quiz and pass 110 questions
  • You will have to pass 110 questions. Only when you can answer the previous question will the game move on to the next question. You have all 3 lives, this means you will get the wrong answer 3 times. When answering wrongly 3 times, the game will reset to the first question. The order of questions is the same, so you should memorize the answers to conquer 110 questions faster.

The benefit of playing The Impossible Quiz

Although this is an illogical game, it is also very useful for training your brain. Outstanding answers will make your brain think differently. When faced with many unexpected questions, the brain will think more creatively. Depending on each question your brain will come up with a new solution, it not follows the old way anymore.

How to control: Use the mouse to choose the correct answer.

In addition, when you encounter questions that are too difficult for you to answer, you can press skip. However, you can only press skip 7 times in the game.