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Shooter Rush


Brace yourself for an exhilarating showdown!


Engage in a thrilling and challenging battle in Shooter Rush. Equip yourself with the best shooting skills to be able to survive in every match. Overwhelmed by a multitude of enemies lacking special abilities, you stand alone, armed with unparalleled shooting skills. The odds may seem stacked against you in this unequal war, but both teams possess unique strengths. The ultimate question lingers: Which team will emerge victorious? Will it be your unwavering determination or the cunning strategy of your opponent? The outcome hinges on each team's ability to exploit their advantages to the fullest.

Get bonus

After defeating the opponent, you will receive a cash reward that appears on the battlefield. Moreover, at the peak of each stage, you will be given extra free cash. Use this wealth wisely to acquire and raise a formidable arsenal. Controlling your character is a seamless endeavor -just slide your finger across the screen to dictate their movements. When facing an enemy, your character will automatically release a barrage of non-stop guns, so that the enemy does not have time to turn back.

The rules in Shooter Rush

There are two main rules that govern your path to victory. The first rule is clear: eradicate all enemies scattered across the map. Your adversaries will often advance in coordinated formations, launching simultaneous attacks. Swiftly eliminate them before they breach your defenses. The second rule is equally crucial: evade the relentless assaults of your rivals, ensuring your own survival. Once you have triumphed over the initial wave, press onward, confronting new challenges that lie ahead. With each step, you edge closer to the finish line, signaling the completion of a stage.