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Keeper Of The Grove


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Unlike Shell Shockers, in this game, you need to build a defense system to fight against greedy creatures. You will go through 13 challenges corresponding to 13 levels. You will receive a reward when going through the final level. The enemy can attack in a wave, so you need to build a solid defense so that no creature can rob the crystals.

Features of Keeper Of The Grove

  • Build a defense system
  • Defeat the enemy
  • Keep the crystal
  • About Enemies

There are many enemies that will be updated through many levels. At the low level, you will deal with creatures that are quite easy to deal with such as moody, which has no special abilities. However, at higher levels, you will have to deal with more difficult creatures. For instance, Rouge is a fast-moving creature that makes it difficult for stones to attack. Rogach has the ability to self-heal after being hit. Scaly Lout can reduce damage on self by 12 damage

About Defenders

Familiar with enemies, defenders will also be updated through levels. At low levels, we have some defenders such as Sprout, Aqua Tower, and, Stone. Sprout has the ability to shoot enemies at long distances. Aqua Tower has the ability to slow enemy movement by 50%. Stone deals the most damage up to 150 damage.

In addition, we also have spells to help defeat the enemy. Defender rush increases the damage to defenders. Freeze freezes enemies in one. Slow motion reduces enemy speed.

How to Play

You need to build a defense system at both ends of the map. The defenders at the entrance will kill the enemies who come to rob the stone. But if they have robbed the crystal, don't worry because we still have defenders at the exit.

How to control: Use the mouse to choose a location and build a defense system.