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Halloween Bubble Shooter


Description of Halloween Bubble Shooter

What is your plan for this Halloween? If you don't have any plans for your leisure time, why don't you play Halloween Bubble Shooter? This game will bring you great experiences and interesting moments.

What is Halloween Bubble Shooter?

This game is an exciting puzzle game designed with a Halloween theme. In this game, your duty is to use a cannon and monster balls to shoot other balls. Complete the requirement of a level to move on to the next one.

How to play

When you enter this shooting and puzzle game, you will encounter the image of a lot of different monster balls and a cannon. The monster balls on the top of the screen are designed to gradually move down. However, if the last line of these monsters' balls touches the ground, the game will end. Therefore, it's time for you to use the cannon to shoot monster balls so that the last line never collides with the ground.

Moreover, you have to remember that you can only succeed when you hit the same targets as the bubble you shot. To be able to aim accurately, there is an arrow that helps you to locate the direction to shoot. The more bubbles you shoot down each time, the higher the score you get. In addition, Mahjong Connect Halloween is a popular puzzle game with a Halloween theme that you can play if you want to try another Halloween game.

Outstanding features of the Halloween Bubble Shooter

  • The game is designed with Halloween elements. Specifically, instead of colorful balls, this game is more special when the bubbles here carry images of monsters.
  • After your performance, the game will record your score and show it with your highest score. As a result, you will know if you have progressed or not.
  • This puzzle game includes a lot of levels for you to experience, and of course, the levels get harder and harder. However, you will also be helped by power-ups. There are many power-ups appearing in this fascinating game. Instead of shooting at the same bubbles, you might shoot at the power-ups like cannons to help you destroy the bubbles around it.
  • The speed of falling down in the game is quite fast. Therefore, it can promote your feeling of conquering in this game.