Introduction to the Doctor Acorn 2

Doctor Acorn 2 is a skill genre game developed by Mini Duck Games. Please help Dr. Acorn complete the levels to recover the lost disk of light. You'll face challenging puzzles, avoid enemies, and conquer levels! Utilize fans, clouds, bees, and other quirky means to navigate the treetops. Interact with objects by clicking on them. Turn the fans on and off to roll Dr. Acorn around. Make the clouds solid by clicking on them. Pop the ducks by clicking on them repeatedly. Collect all three stars and escape through the yellow portal.

The goal of Doctor Acorn 2

You must aid him in recovering his headlights, which have been blown out of a window by a squirrel. In order to navigate the maze, players must use the fan to control the movement of Doctor Acorn. There are 10 levels to conquer, Drag the mouse and turn up to see the next level. You need to complete each level to unlock the next level. Each with its own set of challenges, including the collection of three stars and the defeat of birds before progressing through the gate.