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City Ambulance Car Driving


About City Ambulance Car Driving

Have you ever thought that one day you would be an ambulance driver? This is a great job, isn't it? Would you like to try this experience? Come to City Ambulance Car Driving, where these amazing experiences will become part of your experience.

Perform quests

In the city, you will be the ambulance driver. Your mission is to move to the place of emergency accidents on the road and get the patient to the hospital as soon as possible without causing any damage or collision. In the city, traffic is extremely heavy, so you need to turn on the siren of the ambulance to be notified and allowed to pass other cars. Remember, people's lives are in your hands, drive safely! Besides, you can also join the car race in Race Burnout Drift, however, in this game, you no longer drive an ambulance, so everything will be more comfortable. Use the maximum speed possible to quickly reach the finish line.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

The fun that City Ambulance Car Driving brings

Right from the theme of the game, driving an ambulance was a highlight that made this game attract the attention of the players. Moreover, the game vividly depicts situations in the game, such as images of injured people needing to get into an ambulance, or the use of sirens to drive faster on busy roads and at peak hours. In addition, every time you complete the ambulance mission or collect coins on the way to the mission, you can receive a reasonable salary. You can use those coins to upgrade your ambulance. You can upgrade the window color, neon color, or smoke color. These changes can help you have better, more vivid game experiences. Besides, don't forget to follow the map while driving the ambulance so that everything can go more smoothly.