About 911: Cannibal

911: Cannibal is a horror game based on classic horror movies. You are trapped in a gloomy room. Search for clues and unravel hidden creepy secrets. You know, fate has put you in the clutches of the hideous Maniac, a brutal murderer with a tendency to debauchery. Countless lives were taken by his crimes. Maybe you will be the next victim. The game is inspired by suspense series and horror movies and begins the journey to discover the house in secret. Isolated and without witnesses, your only recourse is in your own strength. Walk through rooms covered with a rotting atmosphere and the smell of rotting. Silence becomes your ally as you scrutinize each space. From the living room to the foreboding depths of the basement, your journey unfolds, searching for the elusive pieces that hold the key to your escape.

Use your survival skills to survive

Navigate every corner of the room with the ASDW keys, leaving no stones behind. Keep an eye out for seemingly insignificant objects, as they may contain important clues to your escape. If in unfortunate circumstances you are faced with a ruthless killer, stay calm, crouch with the C key, and seek refuge in a hiding place. When the time is right, seize the opportunity to use your arsenal of weapons and items by pressing 1-5.